Thursday, July 8, 2010

Novella crawls toward a new world.

Novella crawls toward a new world.
The Aspirant, a novella by Dave Wilkinson, unravels the mystery of  Manna Ships and the dangerous treasure they bring.
The Emmy-nominated Director of the popular TV show incredibleMAINE has published his first book. 
The Aspirant is a touching tale of exile, paradox and renewal — from a lobster’s point of view. It’s a story for humans of all ages. Lobsters believe that Manna Ships full of food are sent from heavenly benefactors. Shortly after shedding his old shell, young Simon leaves the tribe to seek his own truth.
Danger and desperation lead him to places he’s never seen. With unexpected help Simon finds the knowledge he desires and finds a new life.
The book will be available on the web at,, plus selected bookstores.
About the Author:
Author Dave Wilkinson has been a fantasy fan since reading The Wind in the Willows as a child, later looking into the darker dreams of Lovecraft, M.R. James and Algernon Blackwood. He wrote his high school senior thesis on George Orwell. Since 1965 he has read Lord of the Rings dozens of times. His own attempts at fiction happened as he approached fifty, when several novels and other books emerged.
In 2006, with Producer and wife Marilyn Taylor, Wilkinson created incredibleMAINE, a half-hour weekly TV show on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network. He has twice been Emmy nominated for Directing the award-winning show. 
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simon could feel crackling all around. The separation of shell from body seemed to him like a thousand pin-sharp stars of painful surrounding light. The process of shedding demanded both passive acceptance and active assistance. Simon could no more stop it than he could stop the shifting of the tides, but survival demanded decisive response. 
Simon responded, twisting and jerking his small frame despite the pain it caused. This was his Third Unfoldment, and he was familiar with the stages. By now he should be almost ready to try for a Bursting, throwing off the old shell. Then came the ecstatic joy he knew waited beyond this tunnel of change, growth and pain. Transformation. A new shell.

— excerpt from The Aspirant